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Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

2490.00 €

Say I love you

Between the hours of 7.30 - 8pm, invited down to the hotel lobby by a phone call from reception, you will find your designated driver ready to unveil an elegant Citroën 11B 1950 type, waiting for you to embark on your very own journey to the moon.

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

Hand in hand, comfortably seated and lost in your loved one's sparkling eyes, you will discover the capital shining in all its glory and head straight for the Quai Malaquais. Her eyes glowing with enchantement, at the sight of the sun setting in the background, your sweetheart will follow you on board a magical and oriental-type boat where your journey will continue.

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

Warmly welcomed by the entire crew, you will head to the upper deck and tantalize your tastebuds with some chilled champagne. Lost in each others arms, you will gaze in absolute delight at the spectacular view displayed before your very eyes of the Palais du Louvre and the Pont des Arts.

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

You may then decide to head down to the Tea Salon, where the very first sip of a delicious Spring Darjeeling or Imperial Jasmin Perles will tickle your senses.

These moments shall only be intensified by the luxurious location which boasts oak wood and mahogony, bronze portholes from 1890, spectaculor ceilings and classic French decor – luxury at its very finest.

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

Why not then head down the swirling staircase leading to the Music Salon and its magnificent Steinway Piano, a charming piece of the 1800.

Under the watchfull eye of the statue of the Godess Shiva, which dates back to the 17th century, the last ray of sun will reflect the colours of the miticulously crafted stain glass windows and show off the splendid floorboards - patchwork of oak, amaranth, Guyana teak and precious wood of a rich lapis lazuli blue, which will add to the mood of the evening and trully make it a night to remember.
Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

Continue your way to the Winter Garden, where from the terrace you may admire, the most dazzling sights the city of Love has to offer. You shall then settle down at your table dressed in the colours of Tibet, for an echanting candlelight dinner, lost in the glistening eyes of your loved one.

The boat will then slowly leave the bank and head down the river Seine wearing, especially for you, its most spectaculor robe of lights.

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

Accompanied by a soft and melodious harmony, you will then start to enjoy the most exquisite dishes, subtle mixture of France's finest gastonomy and oriental spices. Colours, tastes and music shall compete, confusing yet delighting all your senses joined by a wide selection of delicious wines (Monbazillac, Graves Château Rocquetaillade la Grange, Bourgogne Irancy vieille vigne).

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

Savour each course carefully chosen and composed for the pleasure of your eyes and tastebuds, a masterpiece in itself.

Tonight's menu : foie gras, marinated salmon carpaccio, feuilleté croustillant de Saint-Marcelin or mezzé de Marrakech. Then, dos de cabillaud en croûte de parmesan, chicken or fish tajine, épaule d'agneau confite rôtie au cumin, or beaf filet - façon Rossini.

On board your magical boat, lost in this fairy tale like atmosphere, discover Paris' beauties – Saint Germain des prés, Notre-Dame de Paris and the Ile Saint-Louis, the Place de la Bastille, the Jardin des Tuileries, the Place de la Concorde, the Assemblée Nationale, the Grand Palais, but also the Invalides, the Musée d'Orsay and the Trocadéro.

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

Slowly you will leave reality behind you and let magic and romance lead the way. Looking on the left, you will see the Eiffel Tower, standing in all its beauty on the other side. Then you'll make a half-turn.

Then, take the time to enjoy your delicious dessert : moelleux au chocolat, nougat glacé aux éclats de nougatine, pirogue de fruits Melba ou assiette du Grand Vizir.

A few moments later, turning your head to the right you will admire standing magnificently, the spectacular Tower, glowing in the pale moonlight.

Like all the other passengers of the cruise, you will then look up to gaze in amazement at this spectacular display of sparkling lights and enchantment.

But then... superior to all the beauties the World has to offer, shall appear by magic on the walls by the river seine, your picture and love declaration !

Shining in all its glory with a sparkling tinge, the projection of your message of love shall accompany your boat flowing down the Seine beneeth a sky of stars.

Amongst this mixture of excitment and enchantment, the Eiffel tower bejeweled of your love, a member of the crew will serve you a glass of champagne.

Say I love you under the Eiffel Tower

As the other passengers, clap with emotion and enthusiasm, you will head back to your car
where your chauffeur will drive you home, the rythm cradling you as you look back on
your evening, realising perhaps one short moment, that you have just declared
one of man's deepest, most fervent and shimmering feelings of all.
May your love shine forever...

No Wheel Chair
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Summer The experience lasts on average for 4 hours, including transport, with the departure from your hotel or residence being between 7:30 and 8 pm.
Winter The experience lasts on average for 4 hours, including transport, with the departure from your hotel or residence being between 7:30 and 8 pm.

The menu that is presented below is purely indicative and subject to change.
Please email us within 7 days the photo that you'd like us to project on the river bank.

  • Price per adult : 2490.00 €uros
  • not recommended for children

What's included in the price of the experience :
The return trip in a Citroën 11B from your hotel or residence (Paris/neighboring towns) to the boat.
A dinner cruise for 2 people including an entrée, a main dish, a cheese platter, a dessert, and the drinks.
The projection of your photo and your message on the quays of the Seine River.

  • Summer is from April 1st to October 31st
  • Winter is from November 1st to March 31st